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अनचाहा गर्भ केवल 1 चुटकी खाने भर से गिर जाएगा देखें कैसे ?

How To Terminate Pregnancy After 1 Month–Best Ways To Prevent Having Baby

In this Article

  • Avoiding Pregnancy After One Month
  • How To Stop Pregnancy Without Surgical Abortion?
  • Home Remedies For Early Pregnancy Abortion
  • Avoiding Pregnancy With Surgical Abortion
  • Medical Abortion Vs. Suction Aspiration
  • Recovering From Abortion After One Month Pregnancy

While a pregnancy is a happy news for many couples, it can be a source of stress or depression for others. An unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience and deciding on the options, thereafter, can be a difficult process. Talking to a family member or friend before going to a medical professional might prove helpful during this time. Here are some things you can do to stall the progress of your pregnancy:

Avoiding Pregnancy After One Month

The only available methods to stop pregnancy  after one month are either a medical or a surgical abortion. As the term suggests, medical abortion involves the use of medicine to interrupt the progress of a pregnancy. Using medicines is considered the best way to stop the progress of pregnancy because of it is non-invasive in nature. The decision to prevent pregnancy can be a tough one.

Instead of letting one-month pass, there are some ways to stop pregnancy early. These include the use of emergency contraceptive pills that are to be taken within 48 to 72 hours of having intercourse. Also known as the ‘morning-after’ pill, these are less effective than regular forms of birth control. But this method might not prove effective if you are wondering how to avoid pregnancy after 1 month of intercourse.

How To Stop Pregnancy Without Surgical Abortion?

There are no ways to stop pregnancy without abortion of some kind. But there are some methods that might prove effective in terminating a pregnancy without the need for surgical intervention. These are:

  1. Medical Abortion:

In this, medicines prescribed by a doctor are to be used to stop the foetus from developing. A gynaecologist will give you the prescription for medicines like Mifepristone and Methotrexate to induce an abortion. The medication must be taken one after the other at a specific interval after which uterine contractions might take place. This leads to the expulsion of the foetus along with bleeding. The bleeding can last up to two weeks. You might have to visit your doctor thrice during this time to take the medications according to instructions and then verify if the process has been completed.

Medical Abortion

  1. Herbal Abortion:

Quite a few people opt for herbal medicine to stop pregnancy. Though there are plenty of such remedies available, these can prove to be an unsafe means of pregnancy termination as they are a health risk. Herbs such as yarrow with the scientific name achillea millefolium when consumed in a certain dosage can cause a miscarriage.

  1. Chemical Method:

In this method, the zygote is attached to the uterine wall as it can prevent pregnancy progress. A vaginal ring and birth control patch are two ways in which this can be done. Here, there is a change in the lining of the uterus which can prevent implantation. But this method should be a last resort and is to be considered only when nothing else is applicable.

  1. Prostaglandin Method:

In this process, some specific hormones are injected into the uterus and this can lead to premature labour causing the death and subsequent expulsion of the foetus.

  1. Saline Water Method:

Yet another intrusive procedure, here saline water is injected into the womb which leads to dehydration of the foetus. Salt injections can cause poisoning which is fatal to the foetus.

Home Remedies For Early Pregnancy Abortion

There are some tried and tested natural remedies to stop pregnancy in its early stages. These make use of commonly available things like fruits and oils which need to be ingested in a specific form and quantity to stop pregnancy.

  • Papaya – The fleshy and tasty papaya is one fruit that has benefits as well as drawbacks especially for pregnant women. The fruit is rich in oxytocin and prostaglandin which are enzymes that encourage uterine contractions during labour. The fruit is also a source of phytochemicals that can impair progesterone activity. Even unripe papayas can be consumed if abortion is the intent.
  • Cinnamon – Yet another method popular among home remedies to stop pregnancy is the use of raw cinnamon or cinnamon supplements. The compounds in cinnamon can induce labour. Since cinnamon supplements can cause allergies for some people, it is advisable to consult a doctor before moving ahead.
  • Goji Berries – A part of Chinese medicine from ancient times, these are usually dried before consumption. Pregnant women were advised to consume these berries towards the end of the third trimester to bring about labour contractions. Since these berries have been found to be detrimental to pregnant women with diabetes or high blood pressure, it is better to consult with a doctor before consuming these.
  • Evening Primrose Oil – It has a lot of health benefits for pregnant and non-pregnant women. However, when used in a specific way, evening primrose oil can cause an abortion. You should massage a good amount of this oil on your cervix every day and take pills containing this oil on a regular basis.
  • Sesame Seeds – A tried and tested home remedy for spontaneous abortion, sesame seeds must be first soaked in water overnight before you can drink it in the morning. You can also fry the sesame seeds and consume it with honey for this purpose.
  • Pineapples – The presence of Vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain in pineapples have been found to soften the cervix and cause miscarriages. You can either eat pineapple pieces or blend them with water to make a juice for consuming.

Pineapples Cause Miscarriage

Avoiding Pregnancy With Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is considered a safe method and has been in use for over four decades. Though it is a quick procedure, it must be done by a qualified doctor in a hospital or clinic. It can be performed at any time during the first trimester and not just the first month.

  1. What Is Surgical Abortion?

In a surgical abortion, instruments are used to carry out the procedure and you will have to be administered a local anaesthetic. Pain medications will be given during and after the procedure. It is advisable that you get someone to accompany you to the clinic.

Surgical Abortion

  1. Procedure Of Surgical Abortion:

There are different types of surgical abortions that are used based on how far into the pregnancy a woman is. Vacuum aspiration is performed in the first month of pregnancy and up to 16 weeks while dilation and evacuation (D&E) are performed after 16 weeks. Dilation and extraction (D&X) are performed after 21 weeks. Vacuum aspiration is also called suction aspiration and suction curettage.

  1. Vacuum Aspiration:

In this method, a dilator is used to open the cervix which has been numbed with the use of a local anaesthetic. The cervix is then held in place with a surgical instrument while it is dilated with the help of absorbent rods of various sizes. Then, a thin tube, which is attached to a pump, is inserted into the uterus through the cervix. The pump, which may be manually or electrically operated, is used to suction out the contents of the uterus. This is followed by bleeding similar to a menstrual period and the termination is completed.

Though the procedure takes only about 15 minutes to be completed, you may have to stay in the hospital for a few hours. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to keep infection away.

It is possible that you will experience some side effects after suction aspiration is carried out. Dizziness, cramping, nausea, and sweating are some symptoms you might see. Some women can also see extended or heavy bleeding, blood clots, cervical damage, and even perforation of the uterus. If there is any tissue that is remaining, it might lead to an infection. So, if you develop fever, pain or any kind of abdominal tenderness, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Medical Abortion Vs. Suction Aspiration

Medical abortions can be conducted up to 10 weeks from the first day of your last period while for suction aspiration it is 12 weeks. In both these, cramping and discomfort like that experienced during a heavy menstrual period are to be expected. Both these techniques have an approximate 99 percent success rate. If a medical abortion fails, then you will need to get a suction aspiration. When a suction aspiration fails, it might have to be repeated.

  • Risks-

The risk of health complications in a medical abortion is at least 10 times less than that in continuing a pregnancy. It is very rare to see major problems in this type of termination. The pills used for medical abortions have been in circulation since the 1980s across the globe. The risk factors for surgical aspirations are also the same. They are safest in the first eight weeks and problems are almost non-existent when it is done in the first trimester.

  • Advantages–

In medical abortions, there is no need for anaesthesia, surgical instruments or even a visit to the hospital. It feels more like a natural miscarriage and can be done early in the pregnancy. Aspiration abortions see much less bleeding and can be done somewhat later than medical abortions.

  • Disadvantages–

Medical abortions need at least two days to be completed and bleeding can last up to two weeks. Aspiration abortions are more invasive and require the use of anaesthesia.

Recovering From Abortion After One Month Pregnancy

An abortion or termination of pregnancy after one month or longer can be an emotionally and physically draining experience. It is essential that you get enough rest and nutrition to help you recover from this experience and gradually return to normalcy in life. Your doctor is likely to advise you to take time off from work and stay away from exercising for a while. You will need to keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and other fluids. The food you eat needs to be balanced and healthy to ensure you get a good dose of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. You will also have to refrain from sexual intercourse for a while till your mind and heart are truly ready. Once you have gone ahead with the termination of pregnancy, stop thinking about it and experiencing guilt or negativity. Vent your feelings in some manner – talk to a near and dear one, a doctor, or jot your thoughts in a diary.

Take Your Time To Heal

The decision to prevent or terminate a pregnancy is yours to make and it is best to do it in consultation with a doctor. This can help prevent infections and any long-term complications as a result. If you do this on your own and encounter complications such as excessive bleeding or unusual pain then do not hesitate to seek medical help immediately! Also, be sure to use adequate contraception and other birth control measures to prevent the need for abortions in future. Too many abortions can take a toll on your health and lead to problems in carrying a pregnancy to term in future.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified professional.

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