How to prevent pregnancy from one to two months from home remedies

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How to prevent pregnancy from one to two months from home remedies, kindly read all 10 things given below about how to stop pregnancy for 1 and 2 months old.

1. Use acacia leaves for abortion: – how to prevent pregnancy

If your pregnancy is from one month to one and a half months then you can use acacia leaves for it. Take 8-10 acacia leaves for this and boil them by putting them in a glass of water. Boil the leaves until the water remains half glass. Now drink this water 4 to 5 times a day until bleeding begins, the fetus will fall by itself. Because these leaves are very hot And if you use hot things in the state of the womb, then there are enough symptoms of abortion.

2. Use foods containing vitamin C for abortion: –how to prevent pregnancy

Due to excessive consumption of vitamin C foods, abortion is also done. Therefore, doctor pregnant women are advised not to use Vitamin C. If your pregnancy has just begun, then you can consume more foods containing vitamin C. For this, you can consume jackfruit, papaya, raw papaya, oranges, pineapple etc.

3. Use roasted sesame for abortion: -how to prevent pregnancy

You can also use sesame to miscarry. Sesame ketchup is very hot and it is necessary to take away hot things to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, you can use sesame seeds for abortion. Take a little mole for this and take two to three spoons of it 3-4 times a day.

4. Use part and parcel for abortion: -how to prevent pregnancy

If you want to have an abortion, then if you do more than run and exercise in the starting days of the pregnancy, then there may be miscarriage. Often, pregnant women are advised to relax and get work done when they are pregnant, due to which there is no problem in pregnancy. For this you can do steps like climbing stairs, lifting heavy luggage, working on stomach, etc. This can help you with your abortion.

5. Use soybean for abortion: -how to prevent pregnancy

Soybean contains some such elements that do not allow the pregnancy to stay. For this, at the time of the night, soak some of the soya bean seeds in water. Wake up in the morning, chew and empty the empty stomach. This will increase the chances of miscarriage.

6. Use Seedling Seeds for Abortion: -how to prevent pregnancy

Eating these seeds also helps in getting rid of the fetus. For this, grind seeds of Seetah seeds and make paste. Now put this paste in the private part. Do this until the bleeding is done.

7. Use Aspirin for Abortion: -how to prevent pregnancy

Grapes of aspirin can also help you to get pregnant. Eat 4 to 10 aspirin tablets daily for this. For better results, consider eating cloves, parsley, ginger and fig with Aspirin. Menstruation will start coming automatically.

8. Use turmeric for abortion: -how to prevent pregnancy

Turmeric is easily available in everyone’s house. Turmeric is very hot; If you do not want to conceive, then you can consume turmeric 4-5 times a day as a spoon. From this, the entire chaunhaa should not be conceived.

9. Other remedies for pregnancy: -how to prevent pregnancy

In papaya, acids called vitamin C and peppine are found, judges have a natural abortion.
Eating pineapple also makes abortion easier.
Normally bathing with warm water causes the pregnancy to fall.
High intake of green tea causes problems related to fertility, which can lead to miscarriage.
Consumption of any type of thing does not prevent the pregnancy from happening. Because they are made without boiled milk.
Dissolving pomegranate with its seeds also increases the incidence of miscreas.

10. Methods of miscarriage of two months: -how to prevent pregnancy

If your pregnancy is for 2 months then in this situation you will need to consult with the doctor. Although many drugs are present in the market for this, it can be harmful to use them without advice. In addition to bleeding, the doctor should be checked properly. So that there is no problem in the future.

Methods of miscarriage of three months: -how to prevent pregnancy

In this situation, abortion should be done only through medical advice, because it is not right to abort the home remedies on this stage. Because by this time the child has developed a bit, in such cases, using abusive methods can cause miscarriage. So, in this time, consult a doctor and make the right abortion.

So these were some of the measures which can be done for one to three months of abortion. But during the time of their use, one thing should be taken into account that if you are having abortion again and again, there may be a problem in pregnancy further.

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