How Much Does a Green Card Fee?

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How Much Does a Green Card Fee?

The government filing costs for obtaining a family-based green card are $1,760 for residents of the United States and $1,200 for residents of other countries. This does not include the cost of the mandatory medical exam, which varies depending on the provider.

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Mandatory Fees

The fees you must pay directly to the government — in most cases, that’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), unless otherwise specified — and to the physician who performs the needed medical exam are broken down in the table below. Learn everything there is to know about green cards.

Green Card Costs
Fee Type Cost (to Applicant Living in the U.S.) Cost (to Applicant Living Abroad)
Family Sponsorship Form (I-130) $535 $535
Green Card Application Form (I-485) $1,140 Not required
Financial Support Form (I-864) $0 $120
Work Permit Application Form (I-765) (optional) $0 Not required
Travel Permit Application Form (I-131) (optional) $0 Not required
Biometrics (Fingerprints & Photo) $85 $0
State Department Processing Not required $325
USCIS Immigrant Fee Not required $220
Medical Examination *Varies *Varies
Total $1,760 $1,200

*The average cost of a medical exam is roughly $200, however this varies greatly depending on the provider. Customers have reported costs ranging from $100 to $500 at Boundless. More information may be found in our comprehensive guide on prepare for the medical exam.

Also, if you are the spouse or direct relative of a U.S. citizen and live in the United States, you must pay these government fees at the same time. In other cases, these costs will be paid over a period of months, at various phases of the green card application process.

You may use this USCIS calculator to figure out how much you’ll have to spend.

Other Potential Costs

There are other green card charges to consider aside from direct government fees and the medical exam fee:

Vaccination fees:

You may need to refresh your immunizations before obtaining your finished medical examination report if your medical exam requires it. Vaccination expenses, like medical exam fees, vary by provider.

Fees for translation services:

If your green card application package contains any papers written in a language other than English, you must additionally provide a certified translation of each document. The cost of these services will vary — a certified translation of a one-page birth certificate, for example, might cost anywhere from $20 to $40.

Document fees:

You will be required to provide digital or physical copies of supporting papers such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and passport as part of the green card application process. When you and your spouse go to your final green card interview, you’ll need to bring the original documents with you (either in the United States or at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad). Certain official papers are usually issued for a cost by government entities.

Professional photography fees:

The US government will want you to submit two current 2-inch-by-2-inch pictures to authenticate your identification and undertake background checks, which will vary in price depending on the service provider. Although you are permitted to take your own images, it is usually a better idea to utilise a professional photographic service, and many pharmacy shops provide passport-style photos for a reasonable price.

Travel expenditures:

The US government will not compensate you for travel fees to your biometrics appointment, green card interview, or medical exam. It’s the same if you need to visit many government agencies to collect official paperwork.

Shipping costs:

You will be charged minimal fees for postage and sending of your application and supporting documents at various stages of the green card application process.

How much does it cost to apply for a green card?

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