how to earn money from facebook

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how to earn money from facebook

10 Way to earn Money from Facebook

There are so many ways by which one can earn money through facebook or any other social media platform, if the page has enough number of fans. I will try to keep my answer short and cover all the possible ways by which one can earn with a facebook page .

1. Drive traffic to a website : This is the most common way of earning. Build a website for your page and then drive traffic to your web by sharing the links of the articles on your page. You can monetize the website with Google Adsense or any other Ad network and earn money. Like the Helpless Minority page on facebook has their website and they share the links of the articles on their page to drive traffic.

There are so many websites which generate more than 50% of their traffic from their facebook pages only. And they are making good amount of money 🙂 Like this popular website drives most of their traffic from social media

2. Become a Social Media Influencer : An Influencer is an individual, who has above average impact on social media and who can influence a customer’s purchase decision. There are so many brands out their who are interested in advertising their products and services and also there are several platforms which connects brands with social media influencers. One such platform and my favorite is Famebit.

Famebit helps you to get sponsorship for your social media channels & through this sponsorship, you can earn Good amount of money.

All you have to do is sign up on their website, connect your social media channels, and send proposals to the brands , which you feel are looking for the kind of audience your page has.Besides Famebit there are many other platforms also like GrapevineInstabrand , payperpost etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing : If your facebook page is niche specific and is targeted then you can earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an old form of marketing, where you refer a person to a product available online, and the person buys that product, based on your recommendation. You get a commission for every sale that comes from your affiliate link.

Now, if your page is niche specific , than you can join the affiliate program of amazonebay or any good affiliate network and find a product which is related to your niche, and you think is easy to sell. Get the affiliate link for that product and share it on your page, a good way of doing it is may be by writing a review of the product and then sharing the link, that way you will get more conversions.

4. Selling Your own product : You can even sell your own product on your facebook page. It could be a customized t-shirt, Mug, Poster etc. There are many pages on facebook doing this , let me show you an example :If you don’t have that kind of investment needed to start your own online store, then don’t worry , there is a solution.

If you have cool designs for t-shirts and you think people will love to buy it, than you can sign up on websites like teespringmydreamstore etc. All you have to do is, use your design to create a t-shirt , decide its selling price and share the link to buy it on your page. They will take care of everything else i.e from manufacturing to shipping 🙂

Example :

5. Sign Up on a PPC network : Pay-per-click or Cost per click (CPC) is an internet advertising model, used to direct traffic to websites, in which the advertisers pays to the publishers when the ad is clicked. There are many networks out there like viral9 , Revcontent etc. Sign Up on these networks, share their content on your page and earn money. If your fans are from Tier 1 countries like USA/Uk/CANADA etc then you can earn good 🙂

6. Give Shoutouts to smaller Pages : When your facebook page grows big enough, then people contacts you to promote their pages for some amount of money. Many pages on Instagram are already making Good amount of money through shoutouts and same can be done on facebook too!

These are some proven ways of earning money on facebook. But remember one should always first concentrate on building a page then look for the earning options. Your motive behind creating a page should be to provide quality content and not just to share your links, because remember people liked your page because of the content you shared, and not to buy something through your affiliate link or to read promotional content not related to the page. If you will spam too much with the links on your page, it will take no time for them to unlike.


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