Blueridge Mini Split | Top 10 Review

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Homeowners and contractors love Blueridge Mini Split ductless mini-splits. If you own a home, you will want one.

Blueridge mini-splits are a high quality, energy efficient and inexpensive option for cooling and heating many types of spaces without ductwork.
Blueridge mini-splits compare favorably to well-known brands at a fraction of the price. They have the highest online product ratings of all mini-split brands. Their affordability, ease of installation, and high quality make them a favorite among contractors and homeowners.
blueridge mini split
blueridge mini split

Features of Blueridge Mini Split

WiFi Control

Included remote with features like Quiet Mode, Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode and Timer. Use app with smartphone or tablet to control the system from


Both the indoor and outdoor units operate so quietly you may not be aware they are running. You will just be aware that you are comfortable.


The great value extends beyond the low purchase price of these units. You will be pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive they are to operate.


Lower your utility bills with inverter technology, by using less electricity and no fossil fuels to accomplish your heating and cooling needs. This is intelligent equipment for a sustainable


Because there is no ductwork, this is a solution for all kinds of hard-to-fit applications. Any room or space can be transformed into a place for you and others to enjoy for years to come.

Simple Installation

If you’re handy, you can accomplish 90% of the installation yourself by following the simple directions and watching our helpful video. Bring in a professional to finish the job.

  • Convenient remote control enables unique temperatures to be set per zone.
  • High-efficiency inverter technology allows for even cooling and heating while reducing energy costs.
  • Gold fin condenser coil coating extends the life of your system by protecting it from corrosion.
  • Intelligent sleep function adjusts to your sleep pattern in order to maximize your comfort and reduce energy costs. User controls direct air flow.
  • Intelligent defrost reduces energy and defrost time by only defrosting when needed.

Blueridge mini split reviews

Answer 1 :

I don’t think most experts would call the made-in-China Midea a “major brand.”

Far more common, and more respected, are the minisplits manufactured by Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

Answer 2 :

Made in China Gree could be considered a “major brand”, but not necessarily a first tier vendor with local technical support in every US region. Gree is the largest manufacturer of this type of equipment in China, with many other HVAC equipment companies getting components or complete systems manufactured by Gree.

Midea, not so much.

I can’t recall ever seeing a Midea in my neighborhood, but plenty of Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG, the occasional Daikin or Samsung. The rest are pretty rare (even Gree) in my area. I’ve noted several 1-off installations of a number of lesser known Chinese vendors, just not Midea.

Anon3 appears to know more about them than most, probably because Anon3 probably works for Midea America in one of their sales offices (I’m guessing the NJ sales office). On the Midea (China) home website there are no authorized dealers listed in either north or south America, but they have a dealer in Warsaw Poland, and another in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, none in the middle east or Africa.

They may have a market presence somewhere in the world outside of China, but “major brand” would be a “major stretch”, at least as far as the US market goes. ( At least so far… ) It’s not clear what market share they have for their HVAC equipment or appliances in China, but they do manufacture a wide range of home-appliance type products, not just mini-splits.

This thread is the first mention of Blueridge I’ve encountered.

In the US there is far more support for the Japanese & Korean mini-split vendors (even if some of their components may be sourced from Chinese or southeast Asian subcontractors. Of the Japanese vendors Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of variable refrigerant HVAC equipment, but Mitsubishi & Fujitsu seem to have larger market share and more local support in the US. LG & Samsung are very competitive within Korea, but LG has a much bigger presence in the US.

Answer 3 :

I know this is an old link but I have installed 3 blue ridge units. The first unit I installed on my own property (electrician with universal hvac) the unit came quickly but the line set flairs were horrible re did them , no leaks, opened the valves and within 10 minutes low freon, the code was not in the documentation so i called no return call called again, low freon was the code. I recovered the system and only got 1 lb out that never has happened according to the company no nothing but the system has been running for a year the remote is a bit flaky but it cools well , not as good on heating.
the owner of the company I work for wanted me to install a unit in one of the operator cabs he knew the problems I had but liked the price. this time the line set was not shipped and UPS could not find it they said it was shipped and I would have to purchase a new set, We pulled the video of the pallet being unloaded it was clear it was not there and the shrink wrap was intact. (this all took 2 weeks before they shipped the line set) but I had already installed another line set, they called ups and us liars until it was proven they did not ship the line set.
the factory flairs would have never have sealed they were cracked horrible work , that machine is still running. my owner wanted another unit the flaky remote issue was discussed but went ahead and this time everything came but again the line sets needed to be cut off and reflaired this unit has only been in for 2 months. I was looking at a larger split for my property and doubt I will go with them the low freon and no lineset were enough for me, my owner may want another unit because of the cost but I can get other brands now online and may try another vendor.

Answer 4 :

They are made by Midea. They make a good majority of all the no name brands. When I ordered my Midea it came in a Carrier North America box with both Carrier and Midea stickers in the box. It shipped from Carrier Midea North America from Georgia. Mr Cool puts a big mark up on the units. You can get the equivalent unit from Midea/Carrier cheaper.

Answer 5:

Just about every manufacturer has the installation instructions and complete service manuals available online. I would go through those to get an idea on the steps and tools needed.

Its the same here in CT. A 12K single Mitsubishi is like $4-5k from a Mitsubishi dealer. My Midea and Gree units have been running nonstop for almost 2 years now with no issues. They each cost a little over $1k each. If they both blow up I can still install 2 replacements and it would be still be less than 1 new dealer installed Mitsubishi.

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