What is the best time to visit Delhi’s GB road?

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Its Really a important Topic that exactly What is the best time to visit Delhi’s GB road? 

Answer 1: 

I’ve visited almost 10 times to GB road but with my friends only and here i am going to share my experience what i felt to visit this place called heaven.

  • One of the oldest and cheapest place in Delhi where you can interact with decent Indian and Manipuri girls but choosing the right place is the key to find happiness.
  • Find Street No. 64 which is renowned street of GB road (landmark : there is a popular Pan maker and cigarette shop where the street starts).
  • Your speed should be around 10km – 15km (50 meters to find the stairs) to pass from that street and you have to go to third floor (Don’t stop in Ground Floor or First floor otherwise your money and clothes will be looted).
  • After reaching third floor, now the time has come to feel the heaven with full of beautiful angels (I never think they are prostitutes).
  • You should behave like a gentleman to impress girl because you are going to feel something great.
  • Select the girl by your choice, move towards her and purpose your intention to visit, if she agrees then go to the next step.
  • You have to pay only Rs.300 (When i visited there and this may be a bit higher but not more than Rs.500) to get the slip for play and Rs.100 Tip which i always give to girl after the play.
  • Rooms are less in size and there is some time limitation (Max : 20 minutes). “Plan accordingly”
  • Few girls don’t like people who already “Drunk”, but few girls love to drink with the person she likes. you will get a beer and smoke as well with cheap rates and if you want to spend some more time with girl. Propose her for night stay which you will charge only 1000 Bugs.
  • Last but not the least. Evening is the best time to visit between 9:00PM to 12 AM. After 12.00AM people stay who would love to spend night which is an awesome experience in itself.
  • Now you are an experience person like me.

Answer 2 :

Best time to visit GB road: 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Along with limited cash, say couple of hundreds bucks (without any smartphone and identity/credit cards) for your own safety.

And if you really want to get some fame, visit after 11 p.m accompanied by Delhi Police drunken constable!

What is the best time to visit Delhi's GB road
What is the best time to visit Delhi’s GB road

Answer 3 :

Few things to keep in mind while visiting GB road. Avoid any hot day. The room there are very cozy without proper ventilation so in a hot day it becomes pathetic. The crowd remain less between morning 11 to 2 afternoon. So, you can visit in that time. 
And there is nothing like pimps and robbers there. Just to make sure about your all belongings, visit with a friend and keep each other’s belongings with each other and go for it one by one. 
To avoid any pimps or broker you have to enter directly any brothel. In my personal opinion 56 is very good. Go to upstairs to the second floor. Go to the counter and take the token of Rs 300 and keep extra 50-100 with you for tipping the girl either for an extra blow job or an extra shot.  Then don’t handover the token to any of the girl if they got the token they take too much time to go to the room. Now choose a girl, actually the girls will come near you to lewd you and they will do naughty stuffs. So, chose anyone of them go to the room and handover the token after that. There are no threats like robbers and pimps there if you know the process properly. So have fun.

Answer 4 :

If u ask me the best time to visit GB Road (for those who are going for the first time is between 1Pm to 5pm. Dont even think of going alone and act as casual as if you are a regular customer to be honest only carry 350 rupees , a metro card and bus pass dont you even dare to carry any other thing else than it and plz dont carry ur credit or debit card and if u carry more than 350 even a single penny consider it as gone.

as for kothas 56 and 64 are considered as safe . there are 2 floors in the first floor u will find old bitches (note people in the first floor may say that there is no second floor or some random shit but rush to the second floor) here u will get girls aged below 35 .

Another word of advice the guys in there may check u so dont carry any sharp items or a hidden camera ( if they caught u , lets not talk about it ) and people may approach u asking for various kotha numbers they are locals (dalals) dont answer them back or any thing and dont even dare to argue with them(it may not be good for u).

Answer 5 :

While writing this is weird I will try to tell you the best .

I have went there twice

At first I went for one time trip worth some 250 INR and a bad memorable shit of 30 minutes.

Second time I went there for a full night’s scene worth 900 .

Second time’s scene was okay if I have to compare it with the former one.

So yeah if you really want to enjoy the shit scene out there go for the night. Night like full night. You will come out at around 5 am . But you will be satisfied like value for money! Lol..

But at the first place I recommend you to not go there for just a quick fuck.

But if you really want to just be preventive. Don’t take any valuables with you and don’t fall prey to pimps , Go directly to 64 or 56. You don’t need anyone to get you there.

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What is the best time to visit Delhi’s GB road?

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