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A robot built to resemble a Cheetah, with the ability to navigate difficult terrain, has been developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

The Cheetah III, which weighs 90 pounds, can climb up debris-covered stairs at 23kmh and can stand up if it falls down. 

The third generation machine will initially be deployed as an inspection robot in nuclear or chemical plants and can be remote controlled or operate semi-autonomously.

Sangbae Kim, the associate professor in charge of the Cheetah’s development said the robot would not rely on cameras to find its way around: “There are many unexpected behaviours the robot should be able to handle without relying too much on vision. 

“Vision can be noisy, slightly inaccurate, and sometimes not available, and if you rely too much on vision, your robot has to be very accurate in position and eventually will be slow.

“So we want the robot to rely more on tactile information. That way, it can handle unexpected obstacles while moving fast.”

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