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Trump says he could keep shutdown going for months or years

January 7, 2019

Washington : A meeting Friday between President Donald Trump and newly powerful Democrats ended in varied descriptions of what transpired, with Republicans expressing fresh optimism a deal could be struck and their political opponents offering drearier views of a compromise. Neither side emerged detailing an immediate breakthrough that could end the continued stalemate that has […]

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Donald Trump says received ‘great’ letter from Kim Jong Un

January 3, 2019

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump  said Wednesday he had received a “great letter” from Kim Jong Un , after the North Korean leader warned Pyongyang  may change its approach to nuclear talks if Washington persists with sanctions. “I just got a great letter from Kim Jong Un,” Trump told a cabinet meeting, reiterating that he still expected to hold […]

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donald trump and Modi

Trump wants India, Russia, Pakistan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan

January 3, 2019

WASHINGTON: Expressing dissatisfaction over New Delhi’s decades-old role in the Afghanistan  peace process, US President Donald Trump  said on Wednesday he wants the regional countries, including India, Russia and Pakistan to fight the Taliban  in the war-torn country. In his first Cabinet meeting of the year, the US President also referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi  for funding a […]

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