Sandy Hook parents confront Alex Jones, say hoax claims created ‘living hell’

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Sandy Hook parents confront Alex Jones

The Sandy Hook murder victims’ parents addressed right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in a courtroom on Tuesday, claiming that his assertions that the worst elementary school shooting in American history was a “huge fake” had put them through a “living hell.”

The parents of Jesse Lewis, who died in the 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, are suing Infowars and its media firm for slander and demanding $150 million in damages.

At the Travis County Courthouse in Austin on Tuesday, Heslin took the witness stand before Jones arrived. He spoke of his anguish, which was exacerbated by strangers’ abuse and death threats, which made the parents worry for their own life.

Because of Alex Jones’ carelessness and stupidity, Heslin and others have had to suffer a “living hell” for the past nine and a half years, she told the jury.
The incident claimed the lives of 26, 20 of them were children. It was a “false flag” operation carried out by “crisis actors,” Jones had informed his listeners.

Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook

Jesse’s distraught mother addressed Jones and declared, “My son exists. “Jesse’s birth is documented.”

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble made an unusual default judgement against Jones after he failed to hand over papers to the parents’ attorneys. As a result, Austin jurors will not hear testimony about the defamation charges.

Lewis emphasised that she was not a supporter of the “deep state” thesis. “I am aware that you are. That is the issue. and why do you keep repeating it? For what, she questioned. Jones gave a headshake.
Lewis remarked, “It seems so unbelievable to me that we have to do this — that we have to beg you… to get you to stop lying. “I’m so happy that today has arrived. I’m honestly relieved that I had to tell you everything.

Heslin said it was unclear if Jones was the originator of the conspiracy idea, but he claimed Jones was the one who “lit the match and ignited the fire,” reaching millions of people through his Infowars platform.

Alex Jone
Alex Jone

According to testimony from a forensic psychologist, Heslin and Lewis both had post-traumatic stress disorder.

In the past, Jones has admitted that the shooting happened and blamed his misleading statements on “a type of insanity.” He said in his testimony on Tuesday that he had been waiting to apologise and that his remarks had been misconstrued.
I never meant to hurt you on purpose. I didn’t know who you were until this came up in court; I never even mentioned your name before,” Jones claimed. “The internet was puzzled. I had inquiries.
During Jones’ evidence, Lewis posed a direct question to her: “Do you believe I’m an actor?”

“No, I don’t think you’re an actor,” he retorted.

For breaking the hate speech regulations of several major social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, Jones, 48, has been banned. Jones has also been held accountable for damages in litigation resulting from his fraudulent assertions by judges in Texas and Connecticut.

In a rant to reporters last month, Jones referred to the judicial proceedings as a “witch hunt” and a “show trial.”

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