Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes| Troubleshooting

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Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes| Troubleshooting

Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes
Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes

Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes| Troubleshooting

E0 probe 1 fault (control)

E1 probe 2 fault (defrost)

E2 check 3 fault (cond)

IA External Alarm

dor Door opened alarm

Lo Low Temp. Alarm

HI high temperature alarm

EE unit parameter fault

EF operating parameter fault

Ed defrost ended by timeout

Df defrost is running

cht dirty condenser pre-alarm

cht dirty condenser alarm

EtC Clock Alarm

off – The desired programmed temperature point is less than 60 ° F (15 ° C).

LP and LP3 – Refrigerant gas shortage or faulty low pressure in the unit. Unit 3 will show (LP3) after LP fault and shut down the unit and pool pump for safety. If this happens, you should call for service.

HP and HP 6 – Low water flow or faulty high pressure control in the unit. Check water flow / backwash. Unit 6 HP will show after the defect (HP 6). This will cause the unit to shut down for safety.

FLO & FL3 – Possible reasons:
• The filter is in the backwash state.
• The filter pump is turned off.
• The filter is dirty.
• Lack of water to the pool pump.
• The water pressure switch must be adjusted or it is broken.
• The unit is in safety mode and will press any key (FL3) to restart the unit.
The FL3 code will shut down the unit and pool pump.

FS – The unit is in defrosting cycle. (The fan works but the compressor is off.)

Reem Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting


Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes| Troubleshooting

careful! Any problems related to electrical or refrigeration should only be done by licensed individuals. Any electrical work is to be done with an electrically isolated unit.

The machine will not start;

As a safety feature, the heat pump has a program time delay between the provision of power and unit starting, typically a few minutes. Wait for this time before performing the following checks:

1 Checking of the power supply to the unit is on.
2 Check stages are in correct rotation (for three phase units only), red and green lights lit on Phasephal sequence relay. If the red light is lit, it indicates a loss of phase or wrong
3 Check the flow of water
4 Check electrical for loose connections and wires.
5 Check supply fuse.
6 Checking thermostat is set correctly.

Pool Will Not Heat;

1 Check that the air temperature is colder than the incoming air. Check that the evaporator and inner pipe sweat. This is evidence of the removal of heat from the air, suggesting that the heater is working.
2 Check inlet louvers, outlet grills and condenser coils have satisfactory airflow and are not filled.
3 Check that the thermostat is set correctly
Pump Check that the water pump is running
4 Check water filter is on
Let check that the inlet valves are not closed
5 Check the ambient air temperature suit design standards



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