6 Tips for How To Fix A Phone Not Charging?

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Phone not charging? Here are 6 Top reasons why

A phone not charging correctly — or at all – may be a major pain. Owners who take care of their iPhones will always have insurance in place to safeguard against situations such as damage, failure, loss, and theft.

Your charge problem, however, may not be as terrible as you believe. Running to a phone repair business isn’t always the best option; a faster and easier answer is frequently accessible closer to home.

iphone not charging
iphone not charging

Just because your phone isn’t charging doesn’t indicate the battery has died or that there’s a problem with your charger. A few modifications might be all that’s required to get you back on track.

Read through our list of the top six reasons why your phone isn’t charging and discover how to fix them without the help of a professional.

Reason 1 : A faulty lightning or micro USB port is to blame.

A poor connection between your charging cable and the lightning or micro USB connector is a regular occurrence over time.

Inserting and withdrawing the charging wire repeatedly might cause components within the phone to shift significantly. If playing with the connection point seems to fix the problem in the near term, there’s probably a problem inside the phone.

But there’s no need to be discouraged. Simply turn your phone off and take the battery out.

Then,using toothpick or tiny tool, slowly raise the port bit higher.
This is frequently enough to improve the contact and solve your charging issue.

Reason 2 – Dirty lightning or micro USB port

It’s not a criticism of your personal hygiene to imply that the issue might be caused by a clogged lightning or micro USB port.

There are several ways for a barrier to build within the port and hinder appropriate contact, from a little bit of lint to an accumulation of debris or dust over time.

This problem may be readily solved with a simple blast of air or by carefully inserting a toothpick through the barrier to remove it.

Remember to go slowly and steadily, and avoid merely pushing the material deeper into the port — you don’t want to exacerbate the situation!

Reason 3 – Damaged charging cable

There are several ways to damage the charging cord, exposing exposed or damaged wires.

Using electrical tape to cover the damage isn’t a realistic solution. A frayed wire should be replaced as soon as possible for safety reasons.

Even if there is no evident damage, you should test a different cable as part of your troubleshooting procedure to see if it solves the problem.

Reason 4 – Damaged or incompatible power adapter

Despite the fact that power adapters are typically extremely durable, they can be destroyed. As with cord issues, try a different suitable power adapter to see if that fixes your charging issue.

Furthermore, if you aren’t using the adapter that comes with your phone, you may be experiencing hardware incompatibility.

If you’re using a third-party charger (or cable), make sure it’s been tested for compatibility with your device.

Reason 5 – Water damage

Water damage, whether from splashes or complete immersion, may wreak havoc on a variety of telephone systems. Before you connect your phone in to charge, ensure sure the charging port is totally dry to avoid further harm to your phone.

If you plug your phone in while the charging port is still wet, it might cause corrosion or even a short circuit. This might be the issue if your phone won’t charge after coming into touch with water.

When our phones get wet, they might start acting strangely and potentially cause long-term harm. When the worst happens, having iPhone insurance is the only option to get rapid and trustworthy aid.

Reason 6 – Software problems

The software that determines whether or not to charge your phone is an important aspect of successful charging.

If none of these hardware options work, it’s possible that your software has malfunctioned. The easiest approach to guarantee you have the most up-to-date software installed is to run frequent system updates. Restarting your phone may also be sufficient to get you going again.

A factory reset is a more drastic option, but you’ll lose any data you haven’t backed up, and it will only solve your problem if it’s a software issue.

How to make battery power last longer

If you’re having charging issues, it’s critical to keep your battery charged while you wait for a solution. Here are some simple guidelines for keeping your phone operational until assistance comes.

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen and the resolution of the screen.
  • Turn off any apps that are causing the battery to drain.
  • Rather than merely minimising applications, close them fully.
  • Apps that are operating in the background or at startup should be stopped.
  • Make use of the power-saving mode.
  • Reduce Time for a nap.
  • Reduce the volume and disable the shaking.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections should be turned off.
  • In regions where reception is weak, turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Apps that don’t use Location Services should be disabled.

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